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A new fence can be a substantial addition to any residential or commercial property. If you want to add a new fence around your home or business, call the team at Dirt City Fence & Repair. We can install your new fence in Lubbock, TX at a competitive rate. Whether you want a privacy fence or a security fence, you can rely on our team to use durable materials and reliable methods for your installation.

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3 reasons to install a new fence on your property

A fence can do amazing things for your property. Whether you own a small home or a small business, a new fence can give your property a much-needed upgrade. With Dirt City Fence & Repair on the job, you can rest assured your new fence will be installed correctly. Reach out to us today if you want to:

  1. Define your property borders
  2. Protect your family’s privacy
  3. Create a safe boundary for family activities

We install all types of fences, including wood, wrought iron, metal, chain-link and aluminum fences. Expect nothing but top-notch results from our experienced team. You won’t have to reach too far into your pocket for the installation either.

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